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The Indifferent Duck is a 10,000 NFTs collection customized by the collectors and minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Sold out

my name is Bravo

I’m a duck. An indifferent duck.

You may wonder what I’m doing here, well, I’m asking that myself. I remember I was chillin’ at home in front of my PC and suddenly I woke up in 2021 surrounded by 10,000 eggs, bald and starving.

I recall flashes of me traveling through different realities and words of languages I don’t remember having ever learned.

While I was going through all this, my friends, Uncle Joe and Gigi the Rat were creating a machine to discover what lies inside these 10,000 eggs so we could maybe discover what glitch in the Matrix made me live different lives in so many worlds, galaxies and the metaverse.

I discovered that I can speak all the languages in the universe. I even have multiple honorific personalities. No one will know what I’m thinking or what I’m about to say or do, ever again. Strange things happen inside of my duckie mind.

But we have a problem now, we have too many EGGS and we need your help. Your mission is to use the BRAVO MAKER® to uncover the rest of the BRAVOS and give them an identity.

Top Secret

Your Mission

Help us to transform these 10,000 EGGS in 10,000 BRAVOS.
3 simple steps
1. Buy an EGG (or more!)
10,000 EGGS are available
Purchasing an EGG grants you exclusive access to the fabulous BRAVO MAKER®
Just remember, don’t make scrambled eggs out of it or you’ll lose a lot of money.
2. Turn on your creativity
In the BRAVO MAKER® you will have more than one million possible combinations to create your OWN BRAVO.
Friendly advice, choose your accessories well, cause there will be a special prize for the most creative BRAVOS.
3. Your BRAVO is ready!
A unique customized BRAVO
Congratulations! You now own your brand new, unique BRAVO.
Brag about it on Twitter!
Key Information
Release Date: Sold Out!
Total Supply: 10,000
Team Vault: 50 (5 for the team and 45 for Promo)
Price per Token: 0.02 ETH + gas fee
Limit: 10 mints per transaction
Total Traits: 500+
Possible Combinations: 1M+
Tech: ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain & IPFS images
Smart Contract: 0xfaC0...41aC

I want your creativity

The most important thing to remember about this collection is that you have the power to create your own unique BRAVO.
This project demands 50% planning and 50% creativity from the entire community to design the coolest characters on the blockchain.
By purchasing an EGG you are granted access to the BRAVO MAKER® where you’ll be able to design your own unique BRAVO. Additionally, this will be accessible from your Metamask wallet and OpenSea.
Launching soon
These 10,000 eggs are the key to discovering what happened while I was living different realities and being able to understand all these crazy thoughts that flash through my brain.
This collection has 222 EGGSPECIALS with unique characteristics and 9778 INDIFERENTEGGS. The latter requires you to use the BRAVO MAKER® to create your own customized BRAVO.

5 EGGSPECIALS have been already handed to my most faithful collaborators. And another 17 EGGSPECIALS were strictly selected to be raffled among everyone who joins The INDIFFERENT Community.

Do you want to join the The INDIFFERENT Community?
Among the 10,000 EGGS there are 222 EGGSPECIALS that have adopted special characteristics and features from some of the universes I’ve visited.
Each of the 222 EGGSPECIALS contain a BRAVO with unique characteristics which won’t be found in any other BRAVO. These EGGSPECIALS are sorted randomly in the collection.
The EGGSPECIALS cannot be modified in the BRAVO MAKER® as these were exclusively created by our talented illustrators.
I know what you’re thinking, you wanna have an EGGSPECIAL in your hands, right?
If you get one of the 9778 INDIFFERENTEGGS you’ll be able to create your own customized BRAVO in the BRAVO MAKER®. You’ll have more than a million possible combinations. Choose your accessories wisely ‘cause there’ll be special prizes for the most creative members of The INDIFFERENT Community.
Uncle Joe is the genius behind the BRAVO MAKER®.
After I gave him a few bottles of his favorite scotch, he showed me how to use it and I have to say it's incredible fun!
Now we can open all the eggs and we could know what happened to me these last 21 years.
I can’t wait to do this together!
More info about the Bravo Maker check this Medium Post
Stupid objects, exotic species, ridiculous outfits and mundane experiences. These are some of the things I remember. Well nothing out of the ordinary for me.
My collaborators were able to transform all these into special characteristics in the BRAVO MAKER®.
Good for them.
Round BG
Do you think you’ll be able to create the most unique BRAVO in the metaverse?
I challenge you to create the most original BRAVO ever.
There are more than a million possible combinations.
Choose your accessories wisely ‘cause there’ll be special prizes for the most creative Community Members!
GIGI the Rat likes to have a good time, but also share with his friends. He told me to be generous and share amazing Gifts with all the people who help us in this extravagant, funny, unique mission.
Pre-launch Giveaway 2 Eggspecial
Giveaway 2 Eggspecials
Meme contest. 1 Eggspecial and 1 ETH
Listing the project on
Giveaway 2 Eggspecials and 1 ETH
Donation of 3 ETH to a charitable organization. We’ll pick one NGO together as a community
"Draw a Bravo Contest". 1 Eggspecial and 2 ETH
Giveaway 5 Eggspecials
We’ll surprise some random owners with a special Airdrop
Fund the community wallet with 10 ETH
We’ll make up our carbon footprint 100% by planting trees. We’ll decide all the details together.
Once we've created ALL the BRAVOS, there will be more rewards…
GIGI THE RAT will quit his 6 figure job at Wall Street to fulfill his lifetime dream of becoming a CRYPTOMAGNATE.
Once the 10,000 BRAVOS collection has been completed, there will be EGGSPECIALS raffles, exclusive airdrops for holders, special editions, collaborations with other projects and artists, merch and some other special things that are being designed for you all.

A peek into the future…

These are some of the ideas my collaborators are thinking about day and night. So far they’ve thought I should be in an action movie with Bruce, launch a cosmetics line or become an underwear model. All these are great ideas, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to do them. But you know, anything can happen in this crazy, ever-changing world and we all have to be prepared for what’s to come.
  • IndifferentGen 2
    Free to Mint Bravo ID (for holders)
    You never knew you needed it, but NOW you want it: the marvelous, brand new BRAVO ID. Fusing your avatar and the ID may be a challenge.
    We’ll develop that after launching the IndifferentGEN 1.
  • IndifferentGen 3
    Bravo 3D
    Is there something better than a 2D BRAVO? Yes, a 3D BRAVO.
    INDIFFERENT as ever, but with more volume.
    More news to come once the IndifferentGEN2 has been launched.
  • IndifferentGEN X
    By this time, we’ll have gone slightly mad and we’ll have let fate take over.
    This could include me becoming an underwear model or shooting a movie with Bruce*.
    *Subject to Bruce’s or his stunt double’s availability.


This is the TEAM of collaborators that get the dirty work done.
Note: FYI, this is not a criminal organization.

How do I buy a BRAVO?

You can mint EGGS on this website until the 10,000 tokens have been sold out.
You will need your METAMASK wallet and some ETH.
Once the 10,000 EGGS are sold, you can only buy the NFTs in the OpenSea secondary market.

How do I customize my BRAVO?

If you want to know how to use the BRAVO MAKER check this Medium Post

What will happen with the EGG NFT once I’ve created my BRAVO?

You will keep the same NFT you bought, but once you’ve created your avatar, the EGG picture will be replaced by your BRAVO.

How much time do I have to create my BRAVO?

Don’t worry! You’ll have unlimited time to use the BRAVO MAKER®. If in the future we set a deadline, we’ll share it on Discord / Twitter.

Which are my rights over my BRAVO?

You can make whatever personal use of your BRAVO you want under a NON-Exclusive License.
The Creators of BRAVO retain the commercial rights and they will assign a percentage of the future sales to the Community Wallet in order to invest in future projects that will be chosen with the Community.

What benefits will the Community have?

Our Community is the most important thing for us, so all BRAVO Holders will have access to raffles, exclusive prizes, airdrops, contests and more!
The Community will have a say in future decisions. For example, together, we’ll choose the donation’s destiny and what we’ll use the Community Funds for. We are 100% sure we’ll achieve great things together.

In what way will the Community Wallet Funds be used?

We will decide how to use the Funds together. From buying land in The Sandbox, Decentraland or supporting new NFTs artists, making charity donations, gifts for our Holders to anything that we may think of in our Discord.
Once we reach 90% of our Roadmap we will make our first 10 ETH investment. We’ll add more funds in the future to support more initiatives and projects as a community.

More about the Team

The BRAVO Team is made up of 5 passionate art lovers with over 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, Illustration, Development, Marketing and Community Management. So don’t worry, BE INDIFFERENT.

Where can I connect with the community?

Enter our Discord to chat with the THE INDIFFERENT COMMUNITY, read the BRAVO news, participate in raffles and contests and much more. Follow us on the BRAVO Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Look for the indifferent wise on Discord

More questions? Look for the indifferent wise on DISCORD